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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Moments {Adoption Story Post #5}

We have so many moments we never want to forget. Just the smallest things, like how Ty would smile so big when we held hands or rocking him to sleep and Bryce and I looking at each other from across the room and realizing that This is real. This is it. He is going to be ours and we will be his.

I am thankful, so thankful, that the Lord inspired me to start writing in my journal a couple of years prior so that when these days came, I would document these moments forever. 
17 October 2015:
(This was the first night we had him after meeting him, almost a week before we were able to bring him home with us.)
"We're here in a hotel in Texas with baby things strewn across the entire room and our little guy sleeping soundly next to our bed. 
It's surreal and amazing. I can't believe it's happening. 
To us. 
Earlier this evening we gave him a bath and I combed his blond hair and put him in the jammies I bought for him yesterday.  I can hear his fast little breathing and every once in a while, he opens his eyes and then closes them again. 
I love him already.
Earlier today, when we first brought him to the hotel with us, he got fussy and was fighting sleep. I kept thinking of how my mom would sing to me when i was little to help me fall asleep. So i just softly whispered the lyrics to Hush Little Baby and then told him over and over 
You are loved, sweet one. You are so so loved. 
You are loved.
It feels natural and amazing and surreal."