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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Birth Mama {Adoption Story Post #3}

It was August 13th.  
A Parent Profiles email popped up on my phone while I was at work. It wasn't rare for us to get emails from birth mothers and we had already had five or six fake/scammer birth moms (that's a whole other story) and two valid birth mothers who changed their minds or chose another couple. 

So I knew two things by then:
1. Don't get my hopes up too high
2. Assume every email is a real situation.

I took a break and read the email. She said she had a 2 month old son and she had hoped to parent and had tried but there was too much working against her and she felt that adoption was the right thing for him and for her as well. 

We talked for an hour and a half that evening. She told me her story. She told me about his birth and how much she loved him. She told me how she felt and how much she wanted him to be loved by a mom and a dad. She told me she couldn't give him everything she wanted him to have. And she told me that as much as she felt like adoption was right, she was still a little unsure.

She was the sweetest; I liked her from that first conversation. She was open and honest and real.
We talked more over the next couple of days and she decided to continue parenting. We had had this happen before but this time felt different. She had but completely open with us about her decision and the why's and everything and I could tell she was really trying to be a good mama and that is huge in my book.  I loved that she wanted to keep him and that she was so prayerful about it. 

So we stayed friends. We were friends on FB and we texted every so often. 

The rest of August flew by and then September. We had several more birth mothers come and go, mostly scams. But we kept plugging along knowing that one day it would be right. 

Turned out that that day was September 30th.
(obviously I have amazing texting should say "you can call if you want!")

She had been praying about it again and got a very clear answer that adoption was, indeed, the best decision for her and her son and she wanted us to adopt him. 

It was overwhelming....and exciting....and crazy....and I was excited I had just finished the baby boy quilt I had started on August 7th.


Erin said...

I love all of these posts so much!

Karen Rowley said...

What! You can't stop there!